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Spoken Language Processing Group (TLP)


Ongoing projects:

  • QT21 (Quality Translation 21)
  • ANR BULB (Breaking the Unspoken Language Barrier)
  • ANR MetaDaTV (End-To-End TV Metadata)
  • PatientGenesys (Simulation numérique en santé)
  • ANR SALSA (Speech And Language technologies for Security Applications)
  • ORELO (Dialect identification)
  • CHIST-ERA JOKER (Towards social and affective relations with a robot)
  • ROMEO2
  • ANR Diadems (Description, Indexation, Accès aux Documents EthnoMusicologiques et Sonores)
  • PAPYRUS (Cross lingual supervision & adaptation)
  • iARPA Babel (Agile and robust speech recognition)
  • ANR VERA (Speech recognition error analysis)
  • ANR TransRead (Enriching bilingual reading and interaction with cross-lingual alignments)
  • CHIST-ERA CAMOMILE (Collaborative Annotation of multi-modal, multi-Lingual and multi-media documents)
  • Matrice (Equipex)

Past projects:

  • ANR COMPARSE (Cognition, motivation, and personality, for emotional adaptation and regulation, using empathic virtual simulation)
  • QCompere (Person recognition in audiovisual documents)
  • ANR ARMEN (Assistive Robotics to Maintain Elderly people in Natural environment)
  • ANR TRACE (Robust translation)
  • Quaero (Multimedia and multilingual indexing)
  • ANR EDyLex (Enrichissement Dynamique de ressources Lexicales)
  • ROMEO (Humanoid robot assistant)
  • DGA RAPMAT (Speech translation)
  • ANR GV-Lex
  • Meta-Net (A network of excellence forging the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance)
  • T4ME (Technologies for the Multilingual European Information Society)
  • CapDigital SAMAR (Processing multimedia documents in Arabic)
  • CapDigital VoxFactory (Speech processing in call centers)
  • FlareNet (Fostering Language Resources Network)
  • AGILE (Global Autonomous Global Integrated Language Exploitation)
  • VITAL (Vital Assistance For The Elderly)
  • ANR CROTAL (Conditional Random Fields for TAL)
  • ANR Affective Avatars (Animation comportementale d'avatars anthropomorphiques) (Indexation Automatique et Recherche Intuitive dans des Documents Audio)
  • HUMAINE: Network of Excellence (Emotions and human-machine interaction)
  • Infom@gic
  • TC-STAR (Technology and Corpora for Speech to Speech Translation)
  • CHIL (Computers in the Human Interaction Loop)
  • EARS project (Rich transcription project)
  • MEDIA-EVALDA (Project Technolangue sur l'evaluation du dialogue hors et en contexte)
  • STIC-SHS MIDL (Modelisation pour l'identification des langues)
  • AMITIES (Automated Multilingual Interaction with Information and Services)
  • THEOREME (RNRT) (Topic detection in audio data)
  • ALERT (Alert system for selective dissemination of multimedia information)
  • CORETEX (Improving Core Speech Recognition Technology)
  • ECHO (European Chronicles On-line)
  • RNRT VOCADIS (Distributed Speech Recognition)
  • OLIVE (A Multilingual Indexing Tool for Broadcast Material based on Speech Recognition)
  • DISC and DISC2 (Spoken Language Dialogue Systems and Components: Best practice in development and evaluation)
  • ELSE (Evaluation in Language and Speech Engineering)
  • HOME (Home applications Optimum Multimedia / multimodal system for Environment control)
  • AUPELF-UREF, ARC Linguistique, Informatique et Corpus oraux
  • ARISE (Automatic Railway Information Systems for Europe)
  • MASK (Mulimodal Multimedia Automated Service Kiosk)
  • Authentification du locuteur (Speaker identification)
  • IDEAL Identification de la langue (Language identification)
  • RAILTEL (Railway Telephone Information Service)
  • RELATOR (A European Network of Repositories for Linguistic Resources)
  • SpeechDat (Infrastructure for Spoken Language Resources)
  • SQALE (Speech Recognizer Quality Assessment for Linguistic Engineering)

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